The Destratair product was originally part of the Nuaire portfolio but was bought out a number of years ago and benefits from having technical expertise in Destratification that have worked with this product for over 20 years. The company now have large capacity manufacturing facilities in Scarborough and have taken on projects as diverse as Churches to large ministry of defence schemes. Destratair can see the scheme through from initial design right through to a commissioning service after installation. Click on the Destratair logo to be redirected to their website for additional information.

The Destratair product works slightly differently to most other destratification fans in that it is mounted on the wall at about 3m. The unit draws air in and pushes it up and across the room creating an air movement and becomes the prime air mover which has a number of advantages.

1. Mounting on the wall saves on installation and maintenance costs not having to hire in cherry pickers get to the roof.

2. Mounting on the wall and pushing air up and across the room illiminates drafts in the occupied space so the Destratair product can even be used in sports halls and paint workshops.

3. As the Destratair fan becomes the prime air mover you do not have to worry about positioning your heat source i.e. unit heaters/fan convectors evenly around the space to create comfort conditions. In a large factory space 100m x 50m x 7m for example you would normally position unit heaters down each of the long sides which would need 400m of distribution pipework. Using the Destratair product you can position fewer larger output units on one end wall saving on installation and pipework.

4. The Destratair product can achieve temperature diferentials across the space as little as 1 degree meaning that the room reaches set point quickly and the heaters begin to switch off. The product has been independently tested by Sheffield University, specialist energy consultants and their customers and it has been shown to save up to 20% on energy bills.

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